Peter Harbolick

Pete Harbolick

Regional Manager and Multi Region Coach

Pete Harbolick, known on the field as “Coach Pete”, found his love for baseball at age five. Having gone a long way from picking dandelions in the outfield through various levels of play, he has found his passion in coaching. Passing along the game through coaching has taught him so much and is the highlight of his work. Pete gets his motivation from watching the development of the players’ love for the game.

Working with the young athletes of the DEAEF program is special because you really see teamwork come together. There are different levels of baseball or softball knowledge whenever meeting a new group and there is always compassion in helping get everyone on the same playing field. Seeing lightbulbs go off on skills development, or through chatting about career ambitions are his most treasured moments.

Coach Pete has been a utility player developing a wide knowledge of every position, though you will always see him sprinting out to shortstop. Being a utility player and learning from many coaches over his life has given Coach Pete the tools to connect to his players and coach all around the field. His belief of coaching through positivity and having a no-negativity rule is his philosophy in navigating baseball. His biggest piece of advice:

“Every day of baseball is a day you can’t get back. Get out there as much as you can and give it your all. Anyone can make it to the Big Leagues; a coach can guide you, but it is up to you and how bad you want it.”