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DEAEF Youth Program photos from 2023

2023 Year-in-Review

Dear Friend,

As we near the end of 2023, the DEA Educational Foundation reflects upon this past year of delivering prevention education and positive after school programming to communities throughout the United States. Our impact was far and wide, reaching over 100,000 individuals in dozens of cities through our youth programs, educational seminars, health and wellness events, support of DEA’s traveling exhibit, Drugs: Costs & Consequences, and more. DEAEF programs continued to expand and reached nearly 80 cities in this past year through our national programs and partnership with DEA’s Operation Engage. The Foundation has worked tirelessly for over 22 years to help to make an impact for hundreds of thousands of youth and adults by building bridges of hope in our communities. We are thankful to our many friends and supporters for their unwavering support.

“Taught me to stay away
from drugs and be active.”

Maha, Student
Teacher led YDP class

The DEA Educational Foundation continues to reach communities with the goal of saving a child’s life, one step at a time. However, despite this reach and the fact that we have led so many to a long-term healthy path, our nation continues to lose a devastating number of people to drug overdoses and poisoning. We know that without our important reach, the loss would be even greater. Therefore, we must work harder than ever.

  • 100,000+

    Reached over 100,000 individuals in 2023 through community programs

Youth Programs in Dance, Baseball, Martial Arts, Science, Art, Soccer, Basketball, Track and more.

DEA Educational Foundation programs across the US reached almost 80 cities in 2023. The blue locations are programs in development for 2024.

DEA Educational Foundation programs across the US reached almost 80 cities in 2023. The blue locations are programs in development for 2024.

Striving to bring hope...

As we enter into 2024, we move forward with our mission of bringing youth and communities critical drug abuse prevention education, a safe place for self-expression, strong mentorship, and, most of all, hope. We strive to have more kids dancing, playing baseball, learning martial arts and more, all while embracing friendships, future goals and dreams. We aim to have more children hear our prevention messaging so that they never start down a destructive path; or a one-time tragedy.

“It has given me a second home.”

Kayla, Student

Today, I invite you to join the DEA Educational Foundation by making an end-of-year donation to help us to maintain our critical programming and to reach even more communities on our waitlist. Your donation can help us to save a child’s life, one step at a time. I am deeply appreciative of your consideration to support the DEAEF, helping us to provide hope for all of those we reach.

Your Support Can

  • $6,750

    Full year program at school or community site for students including educational assembly, classes, student demo and more.

  • $1,200

    Educational assembly for hundreds of students.

  • $300

    Scholarship for one DEAEF Youth Program student at a local studio or sports league.

  • $100

    Twenty week program + t-shirt for one student.


    Gifts of any size are critical to help us reach thousands of children who are in need of these positive programs.

by Jill Roberts

Updated Dec 22, 2023